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We welcome contributors. Our focus is to have a strong and balanced voice from across the country and our only real requirement is that you play the sport, coach, or just love the game!

Volleyball Source Magazine is committed to becoming a valuable source for information, news and insight on volleyball in Canada, as such, all editorial should have a central focus on these topics.

VSM is a quarterly publication and submission deadlines are eight weeks prior to the publishing date. E-mail the article in a Microsoft Word or text format (Mac or PC format). The length of published articles varies. Articles can range from short news stories that are 300 words to features that are 600-1,800 words.

A big mandate of the new magazine is to have a strong photo presence, so we are happy to accept photos or illustrations and will give photos credit where due. Digital images must be a minimum of 300 dpi.

So please send any article requests or photo submissions to info@volleyballsourcemag.com