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Volleyball Source Magazine - Volume 3, Issue #1

Volleyball Source Magazine - Volume 3, Issue #1


London Calling

The latest on this summer’s Olympics

CIS & CCAA Championships

TWU, UBC, Humber and VIU are tops in 2012

A Letter from Northern Italy

Steve Brinkman gives us the goods on life with Trentino

52 Beach Boys and Girls

Who’s with who on the beach this summer

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There’s a lot on offer this issue as always. We’re fast approaching the London Olympics, so much of what’s inside touches on what’s about to take place there. Will Canada have teams to root for this time? We’ve got the latest on that. Actually, a handful of Canucks - officials all - have already earned trips to the Games, as you’ll read.

You’ll meet aspiring indoor Olympians L.P. Mainville and Steve Brinkman, who writes from Italy, where he’s spent much of the year. Annie Martin and Marie-Andree Lessard are profiled, too, as are all the other beach hopefuls.

The other big story is CIS and CCAA Championships, which took place in early March. How did TWU, UBC, Humber and VIU come to reign supreme? We’ve got the lowdown on that.

We’ve also got the latest on the Canadian Championships (indoors and outside), Junior Worlds in Halifax, World League and Champions League over in Europe. Greg Williscroft wants to hear from alumni, Mav Hatch raps on the music scene and Freeballs touches on Moneyball, among other topics.

Wrapping it up is our popular Get the Edge section, with a handful of knowledgeable insiders to steer you, including National Team assistant coach Vincent Pichette, long-time indoor star Paul Duerden and psychologist Natascha Wesch.

Cameron Kerr