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Volleyball Source Magazine: Volume 1, Issue #1

Volleyball Source Magazine - Volume 1, Issue 1


Jason Haldane

Former Canadian National Team captain hooks up with the British Olympic team

Glenn Hoag

Our men’s National Team coach opens up about past Olympics and what’s ahead

The Class of 2010

Who are the top university recruits?

On the Road to the World Championships


It’s great to be back writing about vol- leyball - and even better to be on-line, the only way to fly these days.

We’ve got some winning content, too, getting up close and personal with Olympic aspirant Jason Haldane (he’s no longer in Canada ’s colours, though) and men’s indoor National Team coach Glenn Hoag. You’ll also meet beach champion Matt Zbyszewski and multi-talented Tiffany

Dodds of our women’s indoor National Team.

Who are the upcoming stars? You’ll find out in Source, as we profile the nation’s top recruits.

And that’s just for starters. We’ve got breaking news on all fronts – both here and abroad – and gobs of advice to lift your game. We’ve talked to the best in the busi- ness, as only we can. We’ll help you with technique and training, give you the goods on nutrition and even get inside your head a little.

Wrapping it up is Canada ’s most decorated beacher, Mark Heese.

Cameron Kerr