Volleyball Source Magazine: Issue #17

As usual, we’ve got all the big stories, none bigger than Manitoba and Alberta grabbing CIS Championships in early March. Of course, we have the full CCAA Championship story, too. You’ll also meet some interesting folks, namely aspiring Olympian Kristina Valjas and a veteran of the 1984 Games who’s gone on to rack up six CIS titles as coach at the University of Alberta, that being Terry Danyluk. He won another as a player back in 1981. Actually, we fudged it a little in saying that Danyluk had seven CIS Championship rings. Truth is, he only has six despite being on the winning end seven times. “I have a ring for all years but the one as a player,” he told Source . “We didn’t do that then. But my friend at Josten’s made me a bracelet that included the first.” And check out our Beach preview, which touches on all our top teams and a number of up-and-comers, all thanks to insider Everett Delorme. Freeballs is back and fun as always, and there’s a whole bunch of good advice in our always popular Get the Edge section, thanks to contributors Natascha Wesch, Reid Hall and beach mentor Steve Anderson.  Finally, Last Word catches up with 2012 Olympians Annie Martin and Marie-Andree Lessard, who talk about life after the Games. It’s never easy to step away from the sport you’ve given so much of your life to.