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2011 Pan Am Games: Beach Volleyball

The 2011 Pan American Games are currently going on down in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Canada has four volleyball teams participating in the tournament, one of each gender on the beach and one of each gender on the court.  This article will follow the results of the two Canadian beach duos, Heather Bansley and Elizabeth Maloney on the women's side of the tournament and Christian Redmann and Ben Saxton on the men's.

Canadian Teams at The 2011 Pan Am Games

Canada Bansley-Maloney
Canada Redmann-Saxton

Live streams, scores and results after the jump.

Live Streams and Live Scores

Live streaming and live scoring for these events is off and on depending on courts, opponents and time of day.  Live score results can be found over at the 2011 Pan Am Games website, and we'll put live streams here when they are available.

Live Scores

Live Streams

Edit: Some of our viewers are reporting that the live streams have gone down for Canadian users.  We suggest our TunnelBear trick to route your traffic through the US or UK to watch.


Pool Play Results

Argentina Gallay-Zonta vs. Canada Bansley-Maloney 1-2 (21-18, 20-22, 6-15)
Puerto Rico Santiago-Yantin vs. Canada Bansley-Maloney 2-0 (21-19, 21-18)
Canada Redmann-Saxton vs. Uruguay Williman-Zanotta 2-0 (21-17, 21-19)
Canada Bansley-Maloney vs. El Salvador Romero-Avalos 2-0 (21-10, 21-8)
Canada Redmann-Saxton vs. Nicaragua Umana-Lopez 2-0 (22-20, 21-16)
Mexico Miramontes-Virgen vs. Canada Redmann-Saxton 2-0 (28-26, 25-23)

Quarter Finals

Brazil Juliana-Larissa vs. Canada Bansley-Maloney 2-0 (21-15, 21-16)


Check back to Kill on Two for more results and updated live streams.