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NORCECA: Dominican Republic Results

The podium at NORCECA Dominican Republic Continential Cup. Photo: norceca.orgThe NORCECA Dominican Republic event has finished and Canada had another great showing.  This event was a Continental Cup event.  That means that two teams from the same country compete together, against two teams from another country.  Whoever wins the majority of those four games moves on.  If after four games there is a tie, a team of the players choice will play a golden set.  That's right, the golden set is back and this time it's on the sand.

On the women's side of the competition, Cuba and Canada found themselves playing in the finals with the final decision coming down to a golden set.

Women's Teams

CUB-A Niriam Sinal/Ion Canet
CUB-B Kirenia Reyna/Imara Esteves
CAN-A Marie-Andre Lessard/Annie Martin
CAN-B Heather Bansley/Liz Maloney
MEX-A Bibi Candelas/Mayra Garcia
MEX-B Martha Revuelta/Diana Estrada

Women's Scores

The game scores are listed below.  One score to note is that although the gold and silver medals were determined by a four game (and one golden set) series, the bronze medal was determined by a single (bronze?) set.  These scores are from the NORCECA website:

Cuba 3, Canada 2
CUB-B d. CAN-A (21-10, 21-16)
CAN-B d. CUB-A (21-19, 24-22)
CAN-A d. CUB-A (21-18, 21-17)
CUB-B d. CAN-B (21-16, 21-18)
Golden set: CUB-B d. CAN-B (15-11)
Mexico 3, United States 2
USA-A d. MEX-B (21-17, 21-10)
MEX-A d. USA-B (22-20, 26-24)
USA-B d. MEX-B (21-13, 21-15)
MEX-A d. USA-A (21-11, 21-18)
Golden set: MEX-A d. USA-A (15-9)
Puerto Rico 3, Dominican Republic 1
PUR-A d. DOM-B (21-7, 21-7)
PUR-B d. DOM-A (21-16, 21-16)
DOM-B d. PUR-B (21-16, 21-18)
PUR-A d. DOM-A (21-16, 21-9)
Third place: MEX d. PUR (15-9)
The men's side of the competition was also a fantastic ending for our nation's beach volleyball teams.  The teams of Martin Reader/Chaim Schalk and Christian Redmann/Ben Saxton defeated the Cubans  to take the gold medal.  This too, went to a golden set.

Men's Teams

CAN-A Ben Saxton/Christian Redmann
CAN-B Martin Reader/Chaim Schalk
CUB-A Karell Piña/Javier Jimenez
CUB-B Yaismel Borrell/Yadrian Escobar
MEX-A Juan Virgen/Aldo Miramontes
MEX-B Ulises Ontiveros/Lombardo Ontiveros

Men's Scores

Canada 3, Cuba 2

CUB-B d. CAN-A (21-15, 28-26)

CAN-B d- CUB-A (24-22, 21-19)

CUB-A d. CAN-A (19-21, 22-20, 15-12)

CAN-B d. CUB-B (21-15, 21-18)

Golden set: CAN-B d. CUB-B (15-13)


Mexico 3, United States 2

USA-A d. MEX-B (12-21, 24-22, 15-9)

MEX-B d. USA-B (21-0, 21-0)

MEX-A d. USA-B (21-0, 21-0)

USA-A d. MEX-A (21-19, 15-21, 18-16)

Golden set: MEX-A d. USA-A (15-13)


Puerto Rico 3, Dominican Republic 1

DOM-A d. PUR-A (21-19, 17-21, 15-13)

PUR-B d. DOM-B (21-9, 22-20)

PUR-B d. DOM-A (21-14, 21-16)

PUR-A d. DOM-B (21-8, 21-17)


Third place: MEX d. PUR-A (15-13)


Overall, a fantastic finish for Canadian beach volleyball at NORCECA Boca Chica event.  This will be the last NORCECA event for many of these teams this season, with FIVB China the next stop on many schedules.  The results of this Olympic qualifier means that the top four countries from each gender have qualified for the final continental competition to happen in June 2012.  In that competition, one team from each gender will qualify for the 2012 London Olympics.  Good luck to all the teams on the rest of their season.