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NORCECA: Grand Cayman 2012


It's that time again.  Beach volleyball is starting up for the 2012 season and just like last year, the first event of the year we're looking at takes place on the NORCECA tour.  The Cayman Islands hosts the first event that runs from March 23rd - 25th, 2012 at Seven Mile Beach.  Last year, the men's team of Josh Binstock and Rich VanHuizen won the event and the women's team of Liz Maloney and Heather Bansley captured the bronze medal.  This year we have two men's and two women's teams competing in the tournament:

Canadian Men's Teams in The Cayman Islands

Canada Martin Reader and Josh Binstock (CAN2)
Canada Maverick Hatch and Sam Schachter (CAN1)

Canadian Women's Teams in The Cayman Islands

Canada Kacie MacTavish and Julie Rodrigue (CAN1)
Canada Jamie Broder and Victoria Altomare (CAN2)

Last year, there were some live streams of the tournaments, but they were limited to 50 viewers.  Needless to say, it was quickly unavailable.  We'll try to post the live streams to this event here as soon as we get them.  Hopefully this year, there will be no cap.

Edit:  I had originally posted Liz Maloney and Heather Bansley as one of the women's teams at this event.  Liz and Heather played in this event last year, and I incorrectly listed them here for this post.  This has now been corrected to add Jamie and Victoria.  Sorry.