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AVP: 2013 Schedule

The AVP has (finally) released their 2013 schedule.

The AVP has (finally) released their 2013 schedule.

The AVP has finally released its schedule for the 2013 season, the 30 th Anniversary of the league. Four more events have been added to the first event in Salt Lake City August 17th-18th. The rest of the AVP schedule consists of:

  • Salt Lake City, Utah- August 17th-18th
  • Cincinnati, Ohio- August 31st –September 1st
  • St. Petersburg, Florida- September 14th-15th
  • Santa Barbara, California- September 28th-29th
  • Huntington Beach, California- October 19th-20th

Does anyone else remember when beach volleyball was played in the summer?   Between the three Professional tours in North America, the NVL, the AVP, and the NORCECA Tour, there are only three tournaments throughout the months of June and July.

The NVL has their Texas Championships in Dallas June 22nd-23rd, and the Midwest Championships in Mason July 19th-21st. The NORCECA Tour has one stop in Toluca, Mexico June 6th-10th.

I know that the thought to go later in the summer and into the fall is to avoid conflicting with the bulk of the FIVB Grand Slam’s, but in the new FIVB schedule, isn’t the whole point of Continental Tours and Domestic Tours to give a chance to those players not among the worlds best to continue competing, make a little money, and to gain points to move up to the FIVB? Then again, neither of the US Tours are sanctioned by the USAV. So no results on either the AVP or NVL will count towards the World Tour.

As mentioned on the Podcast (Episode 40, watch it here), the first AVP event conflicts with the Hermosa Beach NVL event that runs August 16 th-18th. This is causing a bit of un-ease amongst some of the players across the border. Looks like there is another conflict as well, with the St. Petersburg event starting the same day as the Best of the Beach NVL Las Vegas event. Hmm, which would you choose?

That’s a real tough one (not).

Even though the system isn’t perfect, it’s still great to see such an increase in events from last year. Hopefully these five AVP events will garner enough buzz to have other cities looking for the opportunity to bring the league back.

The only question that remains is; when’s our turn? Will Canada ever see another domestic tour? If you’ve got some deep pockets, send us an email, we can work something out (seriously).

Everett Delormeavp, walsh