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FIVB: Rome Grand Slam

Photo: FIVB

Photo: FIVB

The FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour is back with their next event in Rome, Italy.  Rome is a dual gender Grand Slam event and there are five Canadian teams participating.  Unfortunately, we are destined to have a repeat of last week when a Canadian women's team was eliminated in the first round of qualification.  The women's seeding for qualification has the 15th seed of Pavan-Bansley taking on the 18th seed of Whitaker-MacTavish.  Teams list, results and live streams below.

Canadian Men's Teams in Rome

Canada Schalk-Saxton
Canada Hatch-Redmann

Canadian Women's Teams in Rome

Canada Broder-Valjas
Canada Whitaker-MacTavish
Canada Pavan-Bansley

Women's Qualifier Results

Men's Qualifier Results

Women's Main Draw Results

Men's Main Draw Results