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LIVE: FIVB Women's Club World Championships Day 3

The FIVB Women's Club World Championships are on to day 3. Streaming live from Zurich, Switzerland, the best clubs from the highest level of professional indoor volleyball have come together to crown a single champion. Today will be the final day of round robin, which will set up tomorrow's semi-finals.

Yesterday, Eczacibasi Vitra Istanbul beat Russian team Dinamo Krasnodar in straight sets, moving them on to the semi-final despite losing the day before to Hisamitsu Springs Kobe. In the second match of the day, Volero Zurich couldn't hold off the powerful Brazilian Champions Rexona Ades Rio De Janeiro. The loss leaves Volero at 1-1, waiting for today's results to determine their future.

GAME 5: Rexona Ades Rio De Janeiro vs. Mirador Santo Domingo

11:30 a.m. EST/17:30 GMT

The fate of Volero Zurich will be decided by this match. If Rexona Ades Rio De Janeiro pulls off the win (they are the favourite), both Volero and Rexona Ades will move on to the semi-finals. However, Mirador has their fate in their own hands. If they manage to upset Rexona Ades, who won Silver just in 2013, it will all come down to points to split the pack of 1-1 teams.

The heavy favourite came out as you'd expect them to. Rexona Ades tore through their competition from Dominican Republic 25-14. Just on Day 1 we saw a team win the first set 25-12 and go on to lose the match. This was not one of those times. Rexona Ades never let Mirador breathe for an instant. In the second and third set, they stormed out to large leads early. Both times, they closed out without any pressure.

Rexona Ades Rio De Janeiro def. Mirador Santo Domingo 3-0 (25-14, 25-19, 25-18)

GAME 6: Hisamitsu Springs Kobe vs. Dinamo Krasnodar

2:00 p.m. EST/20:00 GMT

Coming off an impressive upset of Eczacibasi in the opening match of the tournament, Hisamitsu Springs will look to keep the momentum going. Brankica Mihajlovic, who was questionable to even play for Hisamitsu, came through in a huge way to put themselves in position to move on. Dinamo Krasnodar, on the other hand, fell to Eczacibasi in straight sets. That stumble puts them on the verge of elimination, requiring them to put away Hisamitsu Springs in straight sets to have a chance.

Hiramitsu Springs Kobe came in having upset a strong Turkish club in the first match of the tournament. Then, they stunned their Russian opponents today in the first set, winning 25-21. In the second, Dinamo Krasnodar found their stride, specifically with strong attacks coming from the left side. The match was incredibly tight, with Hiramitsu looking like they may take the second set. It would have made the rest of the play a formality. After back and forth rallies, Dinamo Krasnodar won the second frame 25-21 . In the third, something changed. Hiramitsu seemed to hit a wall. They fell down early, then fell down further. By the end, most of the starting roster was taking an extra breather on the bench. In this game, momentum can be a killer. Hiramitsu never found their game in the fourth set, and Dinamo Krasnodar made what was once a nail-biter look like a dominant win. Hiramitsu Springs are eliminated on points, ending what was developing into an incredible underdog story.

Dinamo Krasnodar def. Hiramitsu Springs Kobe 3-1 (21-25, 25-21, 25-14, 25-18)