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FIVB: Morocco Open (Men)

Fivb morocco

Just when you thought that The FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour was done for the season, you remember about the fall events.  I must admit, I was already making my transition into indoor and getting ready for the startup of NCAA, CIS and CEV volleyball when I remembered these last couple FIVB beach events.  This week (October 4th - 9th) the men conclude their 2011 tour with the last stop in Agadir, Morocco.  I know some of the Canadian men's teams had planned on going to Morocco, but the current registered teams list on fivb.org doesn't show any registered yet.  Anyways, here are some teams to lookout for.

Men's Teams To Watch In Morocco

China Xu-Wu
Brazil Pedro-Ferramenta
Brazil Marcio Araujo-Benjamin
Brazil Cunha-Ricardo
Germany Brink-Reckermann
USA Fuerbringer-Lucena
USA Gibb-Rosenthal
USA Jennings-Wong
Switzerland Heuscher-Bellaguarda

Live streams and results after the jump.

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FIVB: The Hague Main Draw (Live Video)

Fivb hague main

Thursday is here and that means that we are into main draw action over in The Netherlands in this stop of the 2011 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour.  The HP Beach Open sees only one Canadian team remaining in this tournament and that is the women's team of Marie Andree Lessard and Annie Martin.  As you would recall, they have direct entry into the main draw thanks to a wild card.  Because this is just a regular open tournament and not a grand slam, the main draw is a double elimination format.  Matches, results, and live streams below.

Canadians in the Main Draw

Canada Lessard-Martin

Women's Teams to Watch

China Xue-Zhang Xi
USA May-Treanor-Walsh
Netherlands Keizer-Van Iersel
Brazil Larissa-Juliana
USA Kessy-Ross

Men's Teams to Watch

Poland Fijalek-Prudel
USA Fuerbringer-Lucena
Brazil Marcio Araujo-Benjamin

Matches, results and live streams after the jump.

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FIVB: Quebec Finals (Live Video)

Fivb quebec finals

It has been a long week in Quebec of Country Quota, Qualification and Main Draw action at the 2011 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour.  Today is the last day of competition with the bronze and gold medal matches for each gender taking place.  On both sides of the tournament, there is a chance for a country to sweep the podium, Brazil on the women's and USA on the men's.  Brackets, matches, results and live streams below.

Women's Bronze Medal Game

Spain Liliana-Baquerizo vs. Brazil Lima-Vivian        0-2 (13-21, 19-21)

Women's Gold Medal Game

Brazil Maria Clara-Carol vs. Brazil Talita-Antonelli       1-2 (17-21, 21-19, 11-15)

Men's Bronze Medal Game

Brazil Santos-Álvaro Filho vs. USA Gibb-Rosenthal        0-2 (20-22, 19-21)

Men's Gold Medal Game

USA Rogers-Dalhausser vs. USA Fuerbringer-Lucena    2-0 (23-21, 21-19)

Brackets and live streams after the jump.

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