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Demyanenko and Maar Turn Down The NCAA

Stephen Maar (left) and Danny Demyanenko (right) after a practice earlier this week at McMaster University. Photo: Jeff Tam

The McMaster Marauders took aim at the stars this past year, and for a time, it seemed that the program would be forced back to earth.

Head Coach Dave Preston embarked on a recruiting drive nearly a year ago with the stated mission of chasing down the very best.

The only problem: the best rarely stay north of the 49th parallel.

“I told our players that we were going after some blue chip guys this year,” explains Preston. “I warned them what that could mean.”

The “blue chip” class in question was headlined by Danny Demyanenko and Stephen Maar, two leading members of the vaunted Toronto Crush club team that successfully toured the United States before winning yet another national club title in May.

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