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FIVB: The Hague Main Draw (Live Video)

Fivb hague main

Thursday is here and that means that we are into main draw action over in The Netherlands in this stop of the 2011 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour.  The HP Beach Open sees only one Canadian team remaining in this tournament and that is the women's team of Marie Andree Lessard and Annie Martin.  As you would recall, they have direct entry into the main draw thanks to a wild card.  Because this is just a regular open tournament and not a grand slam, the main draw is a double elimination format.  Matches, results, and live streams below.

Canadians in the Main Draw

Canada Lessard-Martin

Women's Teams to Watch

China Xue-Zhang Xi
USA May-Treanor-Walsh
Netherlands Keizer-Van Iersel
Brazil Larissa-Juliana
USA Kessy-Ross

Men's Teams to Watch

Poland Fijalek-Prudel
USA Fuerbringer-Lucena
Brazil Marcio Araujo-Benjamin

Matches, results and live streams after the jump.

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FIVB: Finland Finals (Live Video)

Fivb aland finals

The first day of finals from Aland, Finland on the 2011 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour.  We have the women's action up first on Saturday followed by men's on Sunday.  This event appears to be the usual suspects once again rounding out the final four for the women and by looks of it, it will be that way for the men as well.  Matches, brackets, results and live streams below:

Women's Semi Finals

Brazil Talita-Antonelli vs. USA May-Treanor-Walsh 0-2 (20-22, 14-21)
Brazil Larissa-Juliana vs. China Xue-Zhang Xi 1-2 (19-21, 21-17, 12-15)

Men's Semi Finals

Brazil Emanuel-Alison vs. Brazil Marcio Araujo-Benjamin
USA Rogers-Dalhausser vs. Poland Fijalek-Prudel

More scores, live streams and brackets after the jump.

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FIVB: Finland Main Draw (Live Video)

Fivb aland main

The women's side of the 2011 FIVB Beach Volleyball World tour from Aland, Finland has reached the main draw phase of the competition.  This being a regular open and not a grand slam, there will be no pool play and we will jump right into double elimination.  The only Canadian women's team left in the tournament is the team of Elizabeth Maloney and Heather Bansley who had a direct entry into the main draw.  Results, matches and live streams below.

Main Draw

First Round

Finland Nystrom-Nystrom vs. Canada Bansley-Maloney 0-2 (15-21, 17-21)
USA Fendrick-Hanson vs. Brazil Lima-Vivian 1-2 (10-21, 22-20, 10-15)
Georgia Saka-Rtvelo vs. USA May-Treanor-Walsh 0-2 (19-21, 12-21)
Kazakhstan Mashkova-Tsimbalova vs. China Xue-Zhang Xi 0-2 (13-21, 10-21)

Second round matches, results and live streams after the jump.

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FIVB: Austria Finals (Live Video)

Fivb austria finals

It's time for the finals in Austria on this part of the 2011 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour.  This being a dual gender event, the women arrive at the finals first and will complete their matches a day before the men.  This post will provide the matches, brackets, scores and live streams for the women's finals.

Women's Matches

Semi Finals

USA May-Treanor-Walsh vs. Netherlands Keizer-Van Iersel
China Xue-Zhang Xi vs. Brazil Talita-Antonelli

Brackets, matches and live streams after the jump.

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FIVB: Moscow Finals (Live Video)

Fivb moscow finals

It's the first day of finals on the of the 2011 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour in Moscow.  A very regular sighting in the final four, with three of last week's top four teams coming back for more.  The powerhouse of Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh who finished fifth last week in Gstaad are looking for some more hardware as they are in the semi final action.  For live streams, results and brackets below

Women's Brackets

More brackets and live streaming video links after the jump.

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FIVB: Rome World Championships Finals (Live Video)

Fivb rome finals

After a week of competition, the 2011 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships from Rome, Italy will be coming to an end today with finals action from both the men's and women's side of the tournament.  On the men's side we have an all Brazil final with Marcio Araujo-Ricardo facing Emanuel-Alison.  The women's side of the tournament bring another rematch between rivals as Larissa-Juliana of Brazil face May-Treanor-Walsh of the United States.  As always, we have the matches, brackets and live streams listed below for those interested.

Women's Matches

China Xue-Zhang Xi vs. Czech Republic Klapalova-Hajeckova Bronze Medal Match 10:35 a.m. EST
USA May-Treanor-Walsh vs. Brazil Larissa-Juliana Gold Medal Match 1:15 p.m. EST

Men's Matches

Latvia Plavins-Smedins, J. vs. Germany Brink-Reckermann Bronze Medal Match 11:35 a.m. EST
Brazil Marcio Araujo-Ricardo vs. Brazil Emanuel-Alison Gold Medal Match 2:45 p.m. EST

Brackets and live stream links after the jump.

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FIVB: Beijing Day Four (Live Video)
Misty May-Treanor passes the ball at the 2011 FIVB Beijing Grand Slam. Photo: fivb.orgWith yesterday's Canadian men's teams losing both of their remaining pool play games each, the women's team of Martin-Lessard is the only remaining Canadian team in the tournament.  Annie and Marie have their first match against a team from Georgia tonight and if they win, will go on to face Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh in the second round.  Live stream links posted below, enjoy.

Women's Main Draw Round One

Canada Martin-Lessard vs. Georgia Saka-Rtvelo

Live streams after the jump.

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