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Volleyball Source Magazine: Volume 1, Issue #4


Brazil and Russia Rule the Worlds

Sidronio Henrique goes behind the scenes at the World Championships

”Wolf ’s” Pack are in the Hunt

Charles Parkinson gets up close and personal with coach Arnd “Lupo” Ludwig

CIS & CCAA Update

Where are your favorite teams sitting at the midway point in the season

Developing Beach Volleyball in Vanuatu

Jean-Patrick Godbout goes somewhere most have never been


It’s not exactly beach weather across Canada - are you listening in Edmonton? - so we’re go- ing to bring our game indoors this issue (not to worry, we haven’t forgotten beach).

What better place to start than with coverage of the World Championships in Japan and Italy. Our man Sidronio Henrique reports on both. His native Brazil put on a whale of a show, winning gold in the men’s event and coming ever so close in the women’s. You’ll hear from Canadian women’s coach Arnd Ludwig, too.

We’ve profiled a couple of up-and-coming stars this issue, namely 2010 beach champion Heather Bansley and Doug Learoyd of our indoor Sitting team. Bansley and partner Liz Maloney now have their sights set on London 2012, and why not...

Of course, CIS and CCAA are in full swing, and we’ve got details of the season’s first half. There’s also a profile of Manitoba’s 204 Club (yes, that’s the local area code). A little further flung, J.P. Godbout reports from Vanuatu. Bet you don’t know where that is.

You can Play with the Pros, too.

Our news section is chock full of great stories, including Josh Bin- stock’s near miss at Manhattan Beach, Halifax hosting Junior Worlds and Canucks competing in the Champions League.

Our regular contributors are back - and much appreciated, as always. Mark Heese steals the show this issue with a piece called A Word of Advice. Read it and add this one...TODAY. Your editor thinks too many Canucks look too far down the road. Remember, “The future is now.”

We’ve got Dallas Soonias spinning some discs, Mike Slean saying “be specific,” nutritionist Nicole Springle mixing up something great and a breath of fresh air from Natascha Wesch. Not to forget Steve Gotch’s “unforgettables.”


Cameron Kerr