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Volleyball Source Magazine: Volume 1, Issue #2

Volleyball Source Magazine - Volume 1, Issue #2Features:

Top Beach Teams

Get an inside look at some of the top teams

Our Home And Native Sand

Mark Heese travels to the Northwest Territories

Liz Cordonier

Beach or Indoor, which path will she travel?

Final Four

Dan Lewis makes the European Champions League Final Four

There’s some late-breaking news that needs reporting, and it’s mostly good. We finally got a team into the main draw of an FIVB World Tour event in Rome in mid-May...a Grand Slam, no less. It was Rich Vanhuizen and Christian Redmann - argu- ably Canada’s top traveling twosome - who made some noise there.

They had to win a couple of qualifiers to advance, then managed to sneak out of their pool with a 1-2 record. They next tangled with an Austrian pair who proved too much for them, but 17th was no mean feat for Rich ‘n’ Chris. They were tough luck the next week in Poland, taking 25th. There was also a NORCECA event in Mexico in mid-May that saw the pairof Heather Bansley and Liz Maloney hop aboard the podium. They won bronze, edging another Canadian tandem, cover girl Liz Cordonier (see the feature on her, too) and partner Jamie Broder. Sam Schachter and Cameron Wheelan finished fourth in men’s play in Mexico.

Also, you’ll read later that our men’s Sitting disabled team was left behind in qualifying for July’s World Championships in Oklahoma. But they got a late reprieve, and will now take part in the big event, albeit as a wild-card.

Enjoy the issue, just our second. If you liked our first, you’ll really “dig” No. 2. Some highlights include a tribute to Paul Duerden, a profile of Gavin Schmitt, Mark Heese’s adventures in the north and Steve Delaney’s advice to aspiring Olympians. Dan Lewis, Evie Matthews and Dallas Soonias are among the con- tributors and we welcome back nutritionist Nicole Springle and introduce Judy Goss and Mark “Funk” Roberts.

In closing, a sad note, former King and Dino (and player agent) Jon Walsh passed away recently after suffering a heart attack at just 32 – he had been a frequent contributor to Canadian volleyball publications. Memorably, he once aced an entire game with his jump serve. Among the many tributes to him is this one in Dutch at http://www.martinus.org/ in which it says, “Make it count.”

Cameron Kerr