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The Week in Review: Men's CIS Nov 19-21

The Week of the 19th-21st

November 19

November 20

November 21


The Week in Review

McMaster finished a solid weekend by taking away Queen’s undefeated season. McMaster’s first win came against RMC on Saturday, Queen’s ended up 1-1 for the weekend, 7-1 overall.

Western remained undefeated and atop the standings with 4 set wins over both Laurier and Waterloo. Both were road games for the Mustangs.

RMC remained winless without managing to win a set this weekend. It’s a tough schedule for RMC.

The top of the standings look like:



Western            8-0

Queens            7-1

McMaster            6-2

Guelph, Windsor, Laurier - 5 wins.


It’ll be interesting to see if this loss drops Queen’s out of the CIS Top 10, the overall rankings nationwide.


Upcoming Week

On Saturday the 27th, Queen’s hosts Western. This is a highly anticipated match, as it pits rank 1 against rank 2. Queen’s goes on to host Windsor, and Western plays against RMC on Sunday.

McMaster goes on a road trip through Ryerson and York, and with two wins they are guaranteed to gain ground against either Western or Queen’s.

The middle of the pack at 5 wins don’t have too many interesting matches. Personally, I’d enjoy catching Windsor playing at Queen’s, but the rest of the weeks matches may be predictable.