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Boys' OFSAA 2010: Day 1 in Review

OFSAA Volleyball 2010 is underway. Games will all be played in Mississauga, and stream from this page, all provided by Sportslive.ca. The streams are streams by definition, but they aren't able to quite keep up with the reality of time. Some games load for a while, then broadcast in a quick burst.

It's not everything, but it's something.

Finals air from 12:00 pm ET, progressing from A to AAAA, until the last final starts at 18:00 pm ET.

Initial results in the full entry.



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On Day 1, there was little to talk about in terms of upsets. The highest rank in each division went 2-0. 1st overall rank Grand River hasn't given up more than 17 points in a set. The only real slip went to Ursuline College, dropping both of their games while seeded 7th overall in the tournament.

In AAA action, 16th ranked Sir Winston Churchill managed to beat the 6th seeded team at OFSAA, Dr. G.W.
Williams, in straight sets (28-26, 28-26). Two sets in extra points! My compliments to the underdog team putting up a fight. Bishop Ryan, initially seeded 8th in the tournament, has dropped three matches today, twice in three sets.

AA OFSAA looks like it will be entertaining as it unfolds. A couple of divisions have seen second seeds pull into the lead. Tournament favourite Franco Cité lost to their division's next highest team, Chippewa SS. The second seed at AA OFSAA, Eden HS, has limited teams to 16, sweeping three matches in straight sets.

The A level has seen the entire Pool D turn around. Rank 1 and 2 were upset by 4th and 5th ranks, Rideau and Charbonnel respectively. In fact, the Pool favourite, Atikokan, finished the day winless in three matches, meaning they'll miss the next stage of the tournament.

All standings and schedules can be found at the OFSAA Volleyball website.

More volleyball to come tomorrow morning!

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