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The Week in Review: Men's CIS Nov 26-28

The Western Mustangs maintained a league leading, undefeated 10-0 record

November 26

November 27

November 28


The Week in Review

The marquee match of the OUA went down on Saturday, as the top two teams, Western and Queen’s, went at it in Kingston. As expected, the contest was a battle, going to five sets. Western came out on top and kept their undefeated record intact.  Queen’s lost their last game to McMaster, putting them on a tiny two game losing streak. Both teams were active on Sunday and won, Queen’s against a competitive 6-4 Windsor team, Western to winless RMC.

 McMaster continued their momentum after gaining ground against the Queen’s squad last week, winning a two game road trip against Ryerson and York. McMaster gains ground on Queen’s again win their loss to the Mustangs, with McMaster moving to 8-2.

 The teams behind the leaders in the standings, Guelph and Laurier, kept up with the pack by going 2-0 and 1-0 respectively over the weekend. Windsor lost some ground against Queen’s Sunday, but took an easy win from RMC Saturday. The men’s standings look like this going into the break:



Western   10-0

McMaster 8-2

Queen’s   8-2

Guelph    7-3

Laurier    6-4

Windsor  6-4


The OUA season picks up again in January. The York Excalibur Tournament happens from December 28th-30th. Full OUA Standings can be found here.

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