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Humber Hawks' Landis Doyle Becomes All-Time Record Holder

8 Landis Doyle getting an attack off before the Conestoga block gets a chance to set up.

There was plenty of notice for the countdown towards Landis Doyle's OCAA record. The tally began on her very first game, as the record up for grabs was all-time points leader, meaning the most career kills. Ever. There were Hawks' supporters with eight signs, numbered 1-8, that turned over a sign each time Doyle put down another kill. Eventually they were revealed to say "Go Landis". It didn't take long.

The Hawks were taking on the Conestoga Condors. On Friday, Humber dispatched of the third-ranked Fanshawe team fairly easily. Doyle managed 31 points, a personal career best. The Condors are in their very first season as a team, and as expected they are one of the worst teams in the OCAA. Humber's undefeated season was really never at risk.

Doyle managed some impressive kills quite early on, and actually put down her eight kill before the first set even came to an end. The crowd broke into a standing ovation and continued even untill the next point began. Humber went on to win the set 25-9.

In between sets, Doyle was given a more formal congratulations. She was presented with flowers and the game ball. Some photographs were taken, and the Humber team was all smiles. However, the match went on and all of this celebration came out of the alloted time between sets. The Conestoga team planned throughout the entire proceedings, and hoped to come out firing.

Long story short, they didn't. At one point, Ms. Doyle had 9 points, Conestoga had 11 in the two sets combined. Also at that time, Humber was leading 9-2. On a missed serve and a Humber error into the net. The Hawks won the second set 25-9, and the third 25-10. Doyle finished with 11 kills, and teammate Kelly Nyhof finished with a match leading 12. Nyhof leads the OCAA in blocks, while Doyle leads virtually every other category other than digs.

The accomplishment is certainly impressive, and Humber did a great job to honour it. They are providing further honour in the near future. On Wednesday February 9th, Doyle and two other Humber athletes are having their numbers 'retired'. It happens at Humber in between the first and second sets of Women's Volleyball against Niagara College. Doyle will be joined by two soccer players, Joanna Alexopulos and Andrew DaSilva. All information can be found here.

Their numbers aren't officially retired. The three women's volleyball numbers currently retired are 11 Kirsty Goodearle, 5 Caroline Fletcher, and 9 Christine Rudics. All three numbers are being used by players on the current roster. Of all of Humber's existing 'retired' numbers, half of them are volleyball (6/12). Congratulations Landis Doyle for your career accomplishment. Another is on the brink, as she is single digits away from taking the record for most career aces. Here is a short list (sarcasm implied) from the Humber site of her other accomplishments so far:


2010/11 Set All Time OCAA Scoring Record

2009/10 CCAA Championship Tournament All-Star

OCAA Champions

2008/09 OCAA Player of the Year

CCAA All Canadian

CCAA Championship Tournament All-Star

CCAA Player of the Month Award

OCAA Champions

OCAA First Team All-Star

Sheridan Invitational, Humber Cup

2007/08 CCAA Player of the Month

CCAA Fifth-place Team

OCAA Champions

OCAA Central West First Team All-Star

OCAA Championship Tournament All-Star

MVP–Humber Cup