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The Week in Review: Women's OUA Jan 26, 28-30, 2011

Photo: Cameron Dunlop, McMaster AthleticsThis weekend saw the OUA make the final turn onto the home stretch of the regular season in women's volleyball.  With only two weeks of games remaining, playoff spots are almost completely locked in.  York, Queen's and Ottawa have secured playoff spots.  Although home court advantage is far from locked with two points separating these first three teams, the real fight in the east division is for the fourth and final playoff spot.

RMC and Toronto are both tied with 10 points after this weekend.  Toronto has three games remaining to RMC's four.  Whoever wins the most games from here on in will secure the final playoff spot in the OUA east.  Both teams play their final regular season game on February 13th.





Shout-out this week goes to Lakehead.  Losing the first set 25-9 to a team that has only had two wins this season can really put a nail through whatever confidence you have going into the game.  The girls fought back and beat the Windsor lancers in the fifth.

I believe it's safe to say that the OUA west division has their four playoff teams.  Unless Waterloo happens to miraculously win out their season (4 straight games) AND Brock loses their remaining two games, the representatives from the west division will be McMaster, Guelph, Western and Brock.

Playoffs begin with quarter final action taking place on February 19th 2011.  Check back for our OUA playoff coverage once the teams and seedings have been finalized.