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FIVB: Morocco Open (Men)

Fivb morocco

Just when you thought that The FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour was done for the season, you remember about the fall events.  I must admit, I was already making my transition into indoor and getting ready for the startup of NCAA, CIS and CEV volleyball when I remembered these last couple FIVB beach events.  This week (October 4th - 9th) the men conclude their 2011 tour with the last stop in Agadir, Morocco.  I know some of the Canadian men's teams had planned on going to Morocco, but the current registered teams list on fivb.org doesn't show any registered yet.  Anyways, here are some teams to lookout for.

Men's Teams To Watch In Morocco

China Xu-Wu
Brazil Pedro-Ferramenta
Brazil Marcio Araujo-Benjamin
Brazil Cunha-Ricardo
Germany Brink-Reckermann
USA Fuerbringer-Lucena
USA Gibb-Rosenthal
USA Jennings-Wong
Switzerland Heuscher-Bellaguarda

Live streams and results after the jump.

Men's Brackets

Live Streams

The live streams for this event have been up and down depending on game schedules.  If you notice the live stream is down, it might just be that there are no games currently being played.