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The CEV Volleyball Video Updates

Photo: Laola1.tvThe CEV Champions League is great.  It is the pro volleyball league that has the highest level of competition of indoor volleyball in the world.  One of the problems following Champions League from North America is the time difference.  All the Champions League matches happen on the other side of the world in Europe making it difficult for fans of North American volleyball to follow the action.  On top of that, there are many pools, many matches and both a men's and women's league.  Enter CEV Volleyball Magazine and Laola1.tv.

If you are reading this website, chances are you already know what Laola1.tv is.  It is a website that provides high production value, live streaming and on demand videos of many sports including beach and indoor volleyball.  While I'm not too familiar with the CEV Volleyball Magazine, it looks like they are putting together weekly video updates and recaps highlighting CEV Champions League action for the past week.

If you are interested in Champions League, these videos are definitely a must watch for those who can't catch every match, but still want to follow their indoor volleyball.

Click here to check out the video series over at laola1.tv