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Skyball launches to provide recruiting and promotion tools

Skyball.com is a volleyball recruiting and promotion website that showcases players, coaches, teams and events.Former US National Volleyball Team member, Penn State Nittany Lion, and professional volleyball player Matt Proper has launched a new website to help individuals gain exposure.

Skyball.com is a social recruiting website designed for players, coaches and teams to promote themselves, find others and make the recruiting process much easier.

You can create a profile and fill out your information much like an athletics resume.  You can also embed YouTube videos into your profile allowing recruiters to see a demo reel of your best plays, your information and eligibility all in one easy place.

With a lot of news recently about the volleyball service University Athlete being denied by the NCAA for recruiting then given an usage extension, we imagine there will not be similar issues with Skyball.  The reason is that Skyball abides by the NCAA regulations.

As Matt Proper said on VolleyTalk:

While it not a recruiting service per say, everything is legit and complies with NCAA regulation 13.14.3: recruiting or scouting services

A copy of NCAA Regulations can be found here (PDF link).

If you want to increase your exposure as a player or are a coach and are looking for talent in your area, head on over to Skyball.com and sign up for a free account and check it out.