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Western Mustangs' Bus Catches Fire

The story is now breaking that the University of Western Ontario Mustang's coach bus caught on fire on it's way back home from Toronto.  The volleyball teams were using the bus to travel to and from Toronto for their final games of the OUA regular season.  The following is from the Winnipeg Free Press:

NGERSOLL, Ont. - The bus carrying University of Western Ontario Mustangs volleyball teams caught fire tonight on Highway 401 near Ingersoll, Ont.

Police said around 8 p.m. the bus driver noticed smoke coming from the rear of the vehicle.

He drove it to the side of the highway and all of the passengers were able to get off safely.

The bus was carrying both the men’s and women's volleyball teams.

Firefighters from Southwest Oxford extinguished the fire.

The bus driver was taken to Ingersoll hospital with minor injuries.

A second bus transported the teams back to campus later in the evening.

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