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OCAA Final Four Decided

The banner for the men's OCAA Championship, hosted at Seneca. The women's championship will occur over the same days, Feb. 24-26, at Loyalist in Belleville.The final four are set for both the men and women of the OCAA. Both tournaments will continue tonight, Friday February 25th, and will finish tomorrow with one winner crowned. Already we’ve seen some upsets, leaving room for an entertaining competition on Saturday.

After the men’s competition last night, we were able to get the clear picture of what the final four would look like. The following will be the OCAA Semi-finals, which will be fought over tonight:

6:00 pm EST Mohawk vs. Redeemer
8:00 pm EST Seneca vs. Humber

The Redeemer Royals were 8-10 going into the playoffs, up against the best team in the West region, the Sheridan Bruins with a 15-3 record. Apparently, records don’t mean everything. Redeemer managed the five-set upset, and throw a hammer into any plans Sheridan had for an OCAA Championship.

Similarly, the Mohawk Mountaineers entered the playoffs with a significantly lower rank than the OCAA’s best regular season record of the Durham Lords. Somebody forgot to tell Mohawk, as they won in four sets. Records mean nothing now, as they’ll be playing the other underdog of the final four, Redeemer, tonight. That guarantees that one of the two teams that performed impressive upsets will find themselves in the finals this year.

Humber, who year after year put forward a competitive team, and Seneca, the tournament hosts, were less surprising in their victories. The two powerhouses will compete at 8:00 pm EST tonight.

All championship information, and live stream of the matches, can be found at http://www.senecac.on.ca/ocaa/

In women’s competition, we saw less unpredictability, and a lot more of the consistent results we’ve seen in the OCAA year after year. The following will be the OCAA Semi-finals, happening tonight at Loyalist College in Belleville.

5:00 pm EST Mohawk vs. Nipissing
7:00 pm EST Humber vs. Fanshawe

If you look at the OCAA’s past champions, you’ll see that Mohawk, Nipissing, and Humber are constant names. Those three teams all still remain in contention, and it will be up to Fanshawe to dethrone the three-headed beast coming out of the West division. However, they’ve drawn Humber. And beating Humber is no easy task. In fact, it’s hardly even a possible task to complete. Hopefully the Fanshawe Falcons show up with their A-game, or else it will be a short night, and a long bus ride home for the London squad.

The women’s championship site can be found here, with plenty of information. Their webcasting will be managed by http://www.sportslive.ca/

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