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LIVE: OCAA Men's Volleyball Championship - Redeemer vs. Humber

After coming into the post-season with a losing record, the Redeemer Royals have made a statement with their play. The Royals first unseated the heavily favourited Nipissing squad, followed by beating out Mohawk to earn their way to the OCAA Gold Medal Match. Their next accomplishment would be the most impressive yet, taking on an incredibly tough Humber College volleyball program. Both the women and men made it to the OCAA Finals for Humber, proving once again that their college program is second to none in Ontario. They'll have to take Redeemer seriously now that the Royals have proven their worth. The winner will go on to compete for the CCAA Championship, crowning the best college volleyball teams in all of Canada.

The Final will start at 5:00 pm EST, hosted at Seneca College in Toronto. Seneca has done an incredible job of providing media for the final 8 tournament. Both the gold medal, and the bronze medal (between Mohawk and Seneca at 3:00 pm EST) will be streamed from Seneca's own site, found here.

Not only have they provided streaming video, but they have a camera mounted into their ceiling, live announcers, and more staff they can throw to for quick interviews throughout the broadcast.

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