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The Week in Review: Women's OUA Feb 4-6, 2011

Photograph: Adam Gagnon




The Week in Review

In the East, three of the four teams moving on to playoffs are all but decided. York and Queen’s met on Sunday in a match that would help decide the order of those top three. Both teams won their Saturday matches, but it was York that came out on top on Sunday. Surprisingly, it came in straight sets in fairly dominant fashion. With Ottawa winning twice over Lakehead, the final seeds are still up for grabs going into the last week. Queens will face Ottawa on Friday, February 9th in a match that will be key in determining who is ranked higher going into playoff rounds.

The all-important final spot in the playoffs is still up for grabs as well. It will come down to either RMC or Toronto. Both teams are incredibly youthful, but Toronto has been known for their volleyball legacy. In fact, they’ve qualified for 21 consecutive OUA final fours. Obviously, somebody forgot to tell RMC. The Military College managed to go 1-1 this weekend, after beating Queen’s last weekend. Toronto fell in their only match of the weekend to McMaster. Seeing as RMC already had a slight advantage, any losses to Toronto make the window look smaller. The East standings are looking like this:

The four teams going into the playoffs representing the West are already decided. McMaster, Guelph, Western, and Brock have already qualified for their playoff runs, and now all left to be decided is their order. Brock is the furthest back, and was inactive this weekend. They are almost guaranteed fourth rank in the West baring any bizarre miracle. McMaster holds a slight lead over Guelph for the top rank. However, the tough Guelph team managed to beat McMaster in straight sets on Saturday. McMaster won their other game of the weekend, but the standings are tighter than ever. Western, in their only game of the weekend, came out on top of Waterloo. That leaves them practically tied for second with Guelph. It will come down to the last weekend, but unfortunately none of the three teams will play directly. The three leading teams in the West will have their eyes on the out-of-town scoreboard all weekend. The standings  in the West look as follows: