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LIVE: FIVB Brazil (April 21)

Live stream action continues today.

In professional beach volleyball action, the FIVB Brazil Open continues today with matches on both the women's and men's side of the tournament.  On the women's side, the matchups are as follows:

Upper Bracket

60 21-Apr   1 May-Treanor-Walsh USA [7] Winner of match #58    
59 21-Apr 15:30 1 Larissa-Juliana BRA [1] Winner of match #57

Lower Bracket

58 21-Apr 11:00 2 Fendrick-Hanson USA [22] Goller-Ludwig GER [4]    
57 21-Apr 11:00 1 Kessy-Ross USA [8] Talita-Antonelli BRA [3]


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Live Streams

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Laola1.tv - Free (Semi Finals Only)


Today there are many more games happening on the men's side of the tournament as well.  For more information about those matchups and results you can head on over to the FIVB site.  We will, like we plan on doing for the women, create our brackets for the final day of competition.