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NCAA Men's Championship

NCAA Men's Volleyball concludes today at Penn State. Photo: ncaa.comWe don't write about the NCAA too much but there is some exciting volleyball going down in the US.  What can I say UCSB, you're a great story.  Everyone loves the classic underdog story and I'm rooting for ya.  First you went through the #2 seed in the country BYU at their home in Provo, Utah.  A feat that no one had done this year.  Then you went to USC.  USC was the #1 team all year and you showed up in their home at the Galen Center (note my American spelling of centre even though it is a proper name, it was hard for me to accept) and beat them at home.  There are three conferences in the NCAA, the MPSF on the west coast the EIVA on the east and the MIVA inbetween.  NCAA tournament is only teams and the seeding works out like this:  The winner of each conference gets a seed and then a committee of 3 choose an at large bid to be the fourth seed.  This comittee also choose the seeding and they chose: 1. USC 2. Penn State 3. Ohio State 4. UCSB.  Poor UCSB, they beat USC and they are rewarded with the fourth seed and have to play them again.  They defied all odds and came through and beat USC on Thursday 3-1 while Ohio State had an upset of their own and defeated Penn State at home.  Finals are today and we've got links to the live streams.  The live streams are done by ESPN3.com so you'll have to login with your US ISP user account (sorry global viewers) or if you can watch espn2, hit it up.


Live Streams

ESPN3.com Live Stream Gold Medal Game 7 p.m. EST