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Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series

Jose cuervo

It appears that we have yet another domestic tour being announced in The United States.  The Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series will be a three event series beginning in August of this year.  The stops will be:

  • Manhattan Beach, California starting on August 26th 2011 with $200 000 prize money.
  • Miami Beach, Florida starting on September 9th with $150 000 prize money.
  • Hermosa Beach, California starting on September 23 with $150 000 prize money.

Their first event directly overlaps with The NVL's Virginia Beach event.  The second event in Miami, directly overlaps with The NVL's Miami event.  While all The NVL website says is that the event will take place at a "popular Ocean Drive venue" it seems that these two events will be extremely close to each other.  The last Hermosa Jose Cuervo event directly overlaps with The NVL's Long Beach event.  None of the Jose Cuervo events overlap with any of the stops on the Corona Light Wide Open beach volleyball tour.  I understand that there are only so many weekends in the summer, but is this direct fragmentation good for a sport on the rebuild?

For example, the prize money is the same in Miami for both events.  From what we can tell, they are at pretty much the same location.  How will athletes decide which event to play in?  Usually the duos will have their schedules for the summer figured out by now, but with this additional opportunity of a second $150 000 prize pool, will they change?  Time will tell.

What are your thoughts?  Let us know in the comments.

Source: latimes.com