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How to Watch Live FIVB Volleyball on laola1.tv in the US


This past summer at Volleyball Source we have been covering many FIVB events.  Every week we provide matches, links, brackets and results to the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour as well as covering whatever FIVB indoor men's and women's volleyball events we can.  In almost every post, we try to offer live streaming and no one is better at doing FIVB live streaming than laola.tv.

The problem with laola1.tv is that unfortunately they have to respect the TV network deals that the FIVB has with certain countries.  There is a work around, and this article is written to show you how to watch Live FIVB events online from The US, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, and South Africa.

The Solution - Tunnel Bear


Tunnel Bear is an application for Windows and Mac computers that will route your internet traffic through other countries.  I can go into the technical jargon describing VPNs, but I don't think it is necessary for this post.  The application is very simple.  It has two switches.  That's it.  One switch is on off and the other switch is US-UK.  When turned on, Tunnel Bear will route all your computer's internet traffic through whatever country you choose on that second dial.  You will have to download the application from tunnelbear.com and install it on your computer.  When you first launch the application you will have to sign up for an account (for free) by giving them an email address.  Once installed, all you have to two is pick your desired country and flip the on switch.

You will get 500 mb per month of traffic for free, however if you have a twitter account, they have a ongoing monthly promotion that will give you a 1GB per month.  If you find yourself needing more than 1GB per month, you can pay $5 per month for unlimited bandwidth.

Other than the limited bandwidth, there is one main drawback to using Tunnel Bear.  In order to use it for FIVB Beach Volleyball events, you have to use the United Kingdom switch, and viewers in The UK are not allowed to watch videos on demand.  This means that you will be allowed to watch LIVE video streams, but if you wanted to check out any past games, or previous week's matches, it will not work.  Yes, this is kinda unfortunate, but it's better than nothing.


If you are looking to watch laola1.tv in The United States (or any of the other blocked countries) then check out Tunnel Bear and see if it works for you.  If it does, or if you have any other solutions, let us know in the comments.