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Guest Post: Josh Binstock - Recap of my Olympic experience

Ok, so much for my second blog post happening after my first  match, ha.  I did write down thoughts each day, but didn’t put them together as a finished product.  Therefore I took all my written notes and have compiled them in this post.  My schedule has been hectic since returning from London so opportunities to write have been few.   I returned home from London on the 13th of August and flew out to Vancouver the next day to compete in the national championships that weekend.  From Vancouver, I flew to Los Angeles to play in a tournament the next weekend on Manhattan Beach.  I then flew back to Toronto on Monday morning and was taken directly from the airport to Madawaska Volleyball Camp in Haliburton.  I spent just under 48 hours there, interacting with the volleyball campers before being taken to the Ottawa airport for a flight to Aspen for another tournament.  After Aspen, I played in a “Best of the Beach” style tournament in Las Vegas.  Since returning home, I have been catching up on emails, seeing friends and family, etc. along with trying to figure out which employment option is the best fit for me and appearing for talks and post Olympic functions.  Ok just wanted to catch you up on my schedule and what’s been happening.  Now onto the rest of my Olympic experience.

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