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Guest Post: Josh Binstock - Our Fundraiser & The Start of the Season.

The last time I blogged was prior to our fundraiser. The event was a great success and the night was a memorable one. It seemed like everything was so chaotic and disorderly up until the start of the evening, however in the end it went smooth and we received nothing but positive feedback. The evening included an amazing lineup of silent auction prizes, along with raffle prizes. In addition, there were fun games like Joker Poker, toonie toss, poker and black jack. The DJ (Andy Reid) played incredible music all night. Our speakers were intriguing and motivating, as Conrad Leinemann and Marnie McBean were remarkable. We were so grateful to have them speak with such passion. We followed them on the microphone and expressed our gratitude to were present to share our journey, as well expressed special appreciation to individuals who have gone out of their way to support and aid us in several ways. Furthermore, there was an individual by the name of Don Walker who generously donated $10,000! I was shocked and speechless by his kind gesture.

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