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The Kill on Two Volleyball Events Page

I'm very excited to announce the Kill on Two events page.  Like many of the pages on our site, the events page began as an idea to fulfil one of our own needs.

It all began with a simple question:

Wouldn't it be great if there was one place you could go to browse beach and indoor volleyball leagues and tournaments?

Let's say you're a club coach and you are looking for a new tournament for your team to play in.  You're playing the same teams at all of the local tournaments in your region, why not see what else is out there?  This is actually kind of hard.  There isn't one easy location to find all this information.  This is one of the things we wanted to solve with our events page.

We provide one easy location where you can search, filter and sort indoor and beach volleyball tournaments and leagues.  All ages and all skill levels.

The best thing about our events page is that you can post your own events for free.  Hosting a tournament or league?  We've made a simple submission form at the bottom of our events page.  To submit your own event, click the "Add your event" link.

We've been developing this page for a while and are excited to launch it today.  You can find the events page at killontwo.com/events or by clicking "Events" in the top menu.  If you have any questions or comments about our events page, we'd love to hear from you.  Send us a message by visiting our contact page.

Cameron Kerrevents