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Jose Cuervo: Manhattan Beach Open 2012 (Live)

Much like last year, the Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series (man, they need to shorten that name) Manhattan Beach Open lands the weekend after the Canadian National Beach Championships.  The Manhattan Beach Open is one of the biggest beach volleyball events in the world and arguably the biggest in North America.  This year, Canadian Olympians Josh Binstock and Martin Reader will be competing and are seeded 14th.  Live stream will be posted below.

Men's Teams in Manhattan Beach

1. USA Gibb-Rosenthal
2. USA Fuerbringer-Lucena
3. USA Hyden-Scott
14. Canada Binstock-Reader

Women's Teams in Manhattan Beach

1. USA Kropp-Pavlik
2. USA Niles-Turner
3. USA Fopma-Sweat
4. USA Fendrick-Scott

Live Stream