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FIVB: April Ross and Kerri Walsh to play together in 2013?

April Ross and Kerri Walsh of The USA.  Photo: FIVB.
It's no secret that Jen Kessy participated in her final Olympics this past year in London.  As mentioned a couple weeks ago on "The Net Live" April Ross said that there has been a partnership discussion between her and Kerri Walsh.
"This year Jen and I are gonna play.  She does wanna start a family which is totally understandable.  I wanna go for Rio then start a family... we're gonna play strong through the majoity of the summer and then I think she's gonna start trying to have a family.  Whenever that phases out, Kerri and I are looking to try it out and see how it goes after that."
April Ross on The Net Live March 5th, 2013.
Many thought that Jen and April would play at least one more season together, but we are hearing that April Ross will begin her partnership with Kerri Walsh this year.  That seems pretty fast as Kerri is pregnant and her child is due next month.  From what we're hearing, Kerri and April will be looking to compete on a full FIVB tour this year with Kerri looking to be ready six weeks after giving birth.