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The Volleyball Source Podcast: Episode 35

This is our biggest episode yet!  The 2013 CIS Championship has finished and we speak with UBC Head Coach Doug Reimer about the 6-peat.  We also talk to Laval Head Coach Pascal Clément about bringing the Tantramar Trophy back east.  Lastly, we are also joined by Volleyball Canada President Hugh Wong who fills us in on World League locations and other national team news in the not too distant future.

Hosts: Cameron Kerr & Everett Delorme

Guests: Doug Reimer, Pascal Clément and Hugh Wong


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:50 CIS Volleyball
  • 2:10 Cam was Right
  • 2:33 Back to CIS Volleyball
  • 18:11 CCAA Championship Preview
  • 23:15 Doug Reimer Interview
  • 35:07 Pascal Clément Interview
  • 52:52 Hugh Wong Interview
  • 1:10:27 Goodbyes

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