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Drake's New Music Video Shot at Beach Blast in Toronto

Usually the only time that millions of people will see anything related to beach volleyball is the Summer Olympics let alone indoor beach volleyball.  That is going to change with Drake's new music video.

Canadian recording artist Drake has never been shy about representing his city of Toronto.  In his new music video for the track "5 a.m. in Toronto" Drake and his entourage visit a location well known to the Ontario volleyball community, the indoor beach volleyball facility Beach Blast.

In Canada, our cold winters have forced us to create indoor beach volleyball facilities.  These are places where the game can continue throughout the winter months from the rec leagues to national team level.  Our Canadian national beach team trains out of another indoor beach facility in Toronto.

Why did Drake shoot his newest music video at Beach Blast?  Because he wanted to.  Elie Shermer (whose family runs Beach Blast and are well known members of the Canadian volleyball community) is friends with Drake and his camp.  Shermer says it was a planned video shoot that was filmed last Tuesday (March 26th, 2013) and this wasn't Drake's first time to Beach Blast.

While it's maybe something that only members of our community will recognize, I've gotta say it was nice to see.  I (like many of our readers) am in Madawaska photos up on the wall at Beach Blast and have been to birthday parties there.  I've taken part in their leagues and clinics and it's nice to see them get some recognition like this that will reach many viewers.

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