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Guest Post: Josh Binstock - Here we go again

Where to begin? A lot has happened since my lost blog post. I’ll quickly recap on this post Olympic off-season before I get into the upcoming season. The whole Olympic experience was incredible and spectacular to say the least. I felt truly blessed and appreciative to have had the opportunity to represent my country on the world’s biggest stage at the world’s biggest event. I also felt blessed and grateful to have those closest to me there sharing it with me, a life changing experience that will be with me forever. Sharing that experience with Martin Reader was special as well. I couldn’t have asked for a better teammate and person to share that with. We spent almost every day with each other for a year and never got sick of each other. Sharing the Olympic experience together created a bond that is unique and can never be taken from us. We will be talking about that with each other when we are old and gray.

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