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The Volleyball Source Podcast: Episode 39

Another week of NORCECA beach volleyball action brings news for our Canadians.  Sarah Pavan is playing in her Brazil club finals on Sunday and we watch a Drake video.  Canadian Olympian Conrad Leinemann joins the program to discuss his playing career as well as what he's up to now with CAN Fund.

Hosts: Cameron Kerr & Everett Delorme

Guests: Conrad Leinemann of CAN Fund


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:36 NORCECA Boca Chica
  • 5:02 Fuerbringer to Coach US MNT (Video: We speak to Fuerbs in Quebec)
  • 6:04 Video of the Week - Drake
  • 10:07 FIVB World League Tickets
  • 14:11 Andrew Kocur UCSB vs. Hawaii
  • 18:45 Conrad Leinemann Interview
  • 30:35 Sarah Pavan
  • 31:30 Goodbyes and Justin Timberlake

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