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FIVB Changes Their Mind About New Rules

Looks like the rules are staying the same, for the World Tour at least.

Looks like the rules are staying the same, for the World Tour at least.


A couple weeks ago, we were able to confirm that the FIVB will be testing new rules on this year's World Tour.  It looks like they've changed their mind.

In a press release today, The FIVB has announced that the proposed new rules will only be tested at age group world championships and not on the World Tour.  From the press release: 

FIVB has announced that the rule tests focused on the block rule and the first hit in beach volleyball will now be conducted only at the FIVB Beach Volleyball Age-Group World Championships and not the World Tour as previously announced. An additional test concerning the position of coaches at beach volleyball matches will also be implemented at the age-group tournaments.

Looks like they took our suggestion.

When the story broke, we were wondering why they were testing such a big rule change on the World Tour.  As we said in our original post:

"Testing" a rule as big as blocking contact at the Opens, Grand Slams and Grand Slam Finals of the World Tour suggests that they are serious about implementing this full time.  If anything, shouldn't the FIVB be testing it on a smaller scale first, then (if successful) bring it to the World Tour?

We also spoke with Canadian national team beach player Chaim Schalk on that week's episode of The Volleyball Source Podcast.

Thanks for listening FIVB.