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Volleyball Canada Announces New Ball Partnership

Volleyball Canada has announced a new indoor ball partnership with Mikasa beginning immediately through to 2024. The Mikasa MVA200 will be the official competition all for all National Championships and Canada Cups along with being used at REP (Regional Excellence Program) across the country to help reflect what is being used at the International level.

Yes, you already know what that means… NO MORE TACHIKARA!

While some of you old-timers might have nostalgic memories of playing with the Tachikara - there’s little doubt it’s one of the worst balls in rotation at the moment. An inconsistent bladder that doesn’t evenly and a flaky exterior that would peel apart easily. If their was one thing everyone hated about Nationals - it was about having to use those damn Tachikara’s. The only thing we’ll be losing was the red, white and black colour pattern. The branding of that ball was the only good thing about it.

(Maybe we can petition Mikasa to make some red & white balls? Am I the only one thinking that would be awesome?)

While Mikasa has recently announced a new indoor ball, the V200W - the MVA200 is currently in used by all but one if the Provincial associations and allows teams and clubs to transition to the new ball seamlessly and without extra cost. I repeat - YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO OUT AND GET THE NEW BALL! (Unless you live in British Columbia where they used the Baden 🤷🏼‍♂️).

On that note -it’s honestly a little disheartening not to mention ridiculous how quickly people started jumping on Volleyball Canada saying VC is trying to gouge them by the announcement of this new ball.

  1. It’s actually a cost saving measure for the majority of clubs in the country as they will no longer have to purchase two different balls

  2. In what world do we think Volleyball Canada is benefitting this at all financially? Do you think they get a cut from sales of Mikasa balls now? Don’t be ridiculous. Change needs to happen once and a while - or would you rather go back to rally scoring and no libero?

This is the best case scenario for basically everyone (again, we’re sorry BC). Not only does it step in line with what the provinces and clubs are using - but also to the Official FIVB indoor ball. Which is pretty huge for anyone who has used these two balls and know the difference between the two.

It will be interesting the see the difference of play at Nationals where it’s common to hear “We couldn’t figure out how to serve and control the Tachikara” from coaches who’s teams are under performing on Day 1. Now there’s no more blaming the ball!