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Doug Reimer's UBC Thunderbirds have won six straight CIS Championships, yet in the eyes of the mainstream media, he's no genius Photo: UBCEditors notes: This is a letter written in response to Alex Walling's article posted on March 15th, 2013 on TSN.ca. The original article does not mention volleyball, and makes no remarks about the sport at all. The original article can be found here.

Now let me just start by stating this: I am not writing this letter attacking your calling Dave Smart a genius. Being from Ottawa, I am in 100% agreement with that statement. While basketball is not my main sport, having only played in High School, just as a sports fan watching from the stands at the Ravens Nest, you immediately get the notion that this is a special program. You want to win CIS Titles? You play for Dave Smart. Plain and simple.

The reason for this letter concerns one of the last lines of your article. A line that you probably thought nothing of, but struck a chord with me. When you stated that Glen Constantine, Laval’s Football coach, was “The only coach that can give Smart a run for his money”.

My question is, were other University sports considered? Were women’s sports considered? Or did you stay in the realm of men’s basketball, football, and hockey?

While I can’t speak for other sports, I can open your eyes to the world of women’s volleyball, and the Genius that is Doug Reimer of the UBC Thunderbirds.

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