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FIVB: Berlin Grand Slam (Men and Women)

Photo: FIVB

Fresh off the Olympic Trials at Ashbridges Bay in Toronto, three teams have flown out directly to Berlin for this week's stop on the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour.  Christian Redmann and Ben Saxton are the only Canadian team on the men's side of the tournament while Liz Maloney and Heather Bansley as well as Kacie MacTavish and Julie Rodrigue are representing Canada for the women.

Redmann-Saxton and Bansley-Maloney are both coming off of tough losses in Toronto to the new members of the Canadian Olympic Team: Josh Binstock, Martin Reader, Marie-Andrée Lessard and Annie Martin.  Liz and Heather are the only Canadians with direct entry into the main draw this tournament, the others will be entered into the qualification round.

Canadian Men's Teams in Berlin

Canada Saxton-Redmann

Canadian Women's Teams in Berlin

Canada MacTavish-Rodrigue
Canada Bansley-Maloney

Qualifier Results

Men's Qualifier Round One

Canada Saxton-Redmann def. Russia Yutvalin-Likholetov 2-1 (21-23, 21-14, 15-12)

Men's Qualifier Round Two

Canada Saxton-Redmann def. Austria Huber-Seidl 2-1 (21-17, 20-22, 15-13)

Women's Qualifier Round One

Canada MacTavish-Rodrigue def. Estonia Bratuhhina N.-Bratuhhina P. 2-0 (21-17, 21-19)

Women's Qualifier Round Two

Brazil Vieira-Lili def. Canada MacTavish-Rodrigue 2-1 (22-24, 21-13, 15-12)

Main Draw results and live video streams after the jump.

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FIVB: Shanghai Grand Slam 2012 (Men and Women)

Photo: FIVB

It's time for the first Grand Slam event of the 2012 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour.  Shanghai is a dual gender grand slam taking place this week and one of the many that is on the schedule before this year's Olympics in London.  There are six Canadian teams participating in Shanghai, three men's and three women's.  All the teams except one will be in the Qualification round that starts today.  Elizabeth Maloney and Heather Bansley have enough entry points to get a direct entry into the main draw and will begin their competition later in the week.  As always, results, live streams and matches will be posted below.

Canadian Men's Teams in Shanghai

All the Canadian men's teams will enter the tournament in the qualification round.

Canada Saxton-Redmann
Canada Hatch-Schachter
Canada Binstock-Reader

Canadian Women's Teams in Shanghai

Canada Bansley-Maloney (Main Draw)
Canada MacTavish-Rodrigue (Qualification)
Canada Lessard-Martin (Qualification)

Live streams and results posted after the jump.

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FIVB: Sanya China 2012 (Women)

Photo: FIVB

This week on the 2012 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour, the women and men are in different countries.  As we posted earlier, the men are in Myslowice, Poland.  The women this week are in Sanya, China before meeting up with the men again the following week in Shanghai.  The Canadian women playing this week on tour are the exact same as last week.  This means that like in Brazil, no one will have to go through the country quota.  Also like last week, the team of Lessard-Martin will have to play a fellow Canadian team in their first match.  This is getting kind of ridiculous.  These teams travel half way around the world, don't have to play each other in the country quota only to draw each other again in the qualifier.  Last week Annie and Marie had to play Kacie and Julie while this week they play Jamie and Kristina.  Also like last week Elizabeth Maloney and Heather Bansley get enough entry points to receive a direct entry into the main draw and won't play until later in the week.

Canadian Women's Teams in Sayna, China

Canada Bansley-Maloney (Direct Entry to Main Draw)
Canada Lessard-Martin
Canada MacTavish-Rodrigue
Canada Broder-Valjas

Live streams, match ups and results available after the jump.

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Updated: FIVB: Brasilia 2012 (Men and Women)

Photo: FIVB

It's time to go back to the beach!  The first event of the 2012 FIVB Swatch Beach Volleyball World tour kicks off this week in Brasilia, Brazil.  This dual gender event sees nine Canadian teams competing.  After last year, we have a bunch of partner switches on our men's teams.  Maverick Hatch and Sam Schachter as well as Ben Saxton and Christian Redmann are the only two teams remaining together from the 2011 season.  Rich Van Huizen will be playing with Garret May this season.  May will be playing in his first Men's World Tour event after placing 4th at FIVB Junior Worlds last year and 1st in 2010.  Returning to the World Tour this year is Matt Zbyszewski (Matty Z).  Matty played in five events in 2010 with Josh Binstock, but didn't compete last year.  Matty will be partnering this season with Chaim Schalk.  Each men's team will have to compete in the country quota in order to get into the qualification round.

The Canadian women's teams do not have to play in the CQ.  Four teams will compete in the tournament with Elizabeth Maloney and Heather Bansley getting direct entry into the main draw.  Recent Canadian Champions Kacie MacTavish and Julie Rodrigue join Marie-Andree Lessard and Annie Martin as well as Jamie Broder and Kristina Valjas in the qualification round.  Broder and Valjas did play the last event of the season (Phuket, Thailand) together in 2011, but competed with different partners for the others.

Canadian Men's Teams in Brasilia

Canada Binstock-Reader 194 (CQ)
Canada Hatch-Schachter 336 (CQ)
Canada Saxton-Redmann 360 (CQ)
Canada Van Huizen-May 134 (CQ)
Canada Zbyszewski-Schalk 66 (CQ)

Canadian Women's Teams in Brasilia

Canada Bansley-Maloney 1040 (Main Draw)
Canada Broder-Valjas 90
Canada Lessard-Martin 320
Canada MacTavish-Rodrigue 214

Best of luck to all the Canadian teams down in Brazil this week.  As always, check back to Kill on Two for updated results, scores and live video streams.

Results, match ups and live streams after the break.


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London 2012 Olympics: Test Event

London 2012 test event

Tweny four women's beach volleyball teams are currently in London for a test event scheduled to help aid with next year's London Olympics.  The event takes place at the Horse Guards in London, England from August 9th - 14th.  In the event are three Canadian teams: Elizabeth Maloney and Heather Bansley, Jamie Lynn Broder and Ashley Voth, and lastly Kacie MacTavish and Julie Rodrigue.  Below are the Canadian's pools for pool play.

Pool C

Canada MacTavish-Rodrigue
USA Kessy-Ross
Estonia Graumann-Anu
Uganda Nammanda-Alice
More pool teams after the jump.
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FIVB: Austria Main Draw (Live Video)

Fivb austria maindraw

Main draw action begins today over in Klagenfurt, Austria in this week's stop of the 2011 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour.  This being a dual gender event, the women will enter main draw action first, with the men to follow tomorrow.  On the Canadian side of things, two Canadian women's teams have made it through qualification and into the pool play of this grand slam main draw.  Kacie MacTavish and Julie Rodrigue defeated Annie Martin and Marie Andre Lessard to enter the main draw while Heather Bansley and Elizabeth Maloney defeated the Mexican team of Candelas and Garcia.  Matches, pools, scores and live streams below.

Canadian Women in Pool Play

Canada MacTavish-Rodrigue
Canada Bansley-Maloney

Pool play matches, results and live streams after the jump.

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FIVB: Austria Qualification (Live Video)

Fivb austria qualification

Time sure does fly.  Two weeks ago I arrived in Quebec ready for the start of the the FIVB Quebec Jeep Open.  Since then we have seen another grand slam event in Poland where some familiar faces took home gold.  Now the 2011 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour is in Austria for the final grand slam of the season at the A1 Grand Slam presented by Volksbank.  There are many Canadian teams in Austria including Heather Bansley and Elizabeth Maloney fresh off a 9th place finish in Poland.  Canadian Rosters, matches, results and live streams below.

Canadian Women's Teams

Canada Bansley-Maloney
Canada Lessard-Martin
Canada MacTavish-Rodrigue

Canadian Men's Teams

Canada Binstock-Van Huizen
Canada Redmann-Saxton

Matches, results and live streams after the jump.

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FIVB: Myslowice Poland Qualification (Live Video)

The qualification round starts today in Myslowice. Photo: fivb.orgToday marks the end of country quota games and the begining of the qualification round for the FIVB beach volleyball world tour Myslowice, Poland tour stop.  We posted yesterday that we have four Canadian women's teams at this event but only two of them will be playing in the qualifcation round.  Team Lessard-Martin got an entry into the main draw due to their entry points and Bansley-Maloney were awarded a wild card entry.  The other two Canadian women's duos face off in round one of qualification.  The match ups are as follows:

Canada Broder-Voth vs. Netherlands Kloek-Mooren
Canada Rodrigue-MacTavish vs. Slovenia Vodeb-Jakob
Canada Lessard-Martin Main Draw
Canada Bansley-Maloney Main Draw (WC)

Live stream links after the jump.

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FIVB: Myslowice Poland (Live Video)

This week the men and the women have separated with the women's side of the tournament competing in Myslowice Poland.  We will keep our ears to the ground if any other live video streams come up and will post what we find below.  The tournament runs from the 17th to the 22nd of May with four Canadian teams competing.  Those teams (along with their FIVB entry points) are as follows:

Canadian Teams

Canada Bansley-Maloney 450
Canada Broder-Voth 78
Canada Lessard-Martin 860
Canada Rodrigue-MacTavish 97

Live streams and more after the jump

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FIVB: Shanghai - Day 2 (Live Video)

Chaim Schalk battles at the net for the point. Photo: fivb.org

More action from Shanghai, China today as the 2011 Swatch FIVB World Tour in beach volleyball continues.  After the qualification round yesterday for the men, one Canadian team has emerged from the pack and has made it into the main draw.  Christian Redmann and Ben Saxton have a first round match up against a strong team from the USA.  Matt Fuerbringer and Nick Lucena are coming off of a 5th place finish in FIVB Brazil two weeks ago and are looking for another finish.  The Canadians are the first team of either gender from Canada to make a main draw in 2011.

On the women's side of the tournament, the seeding is such that two of three Canadian women's teams will meet each other in the first round of qualification.  This mini country showdown is kind of unfortunate but that's just how the seeds work.  Rodrigue and MacTavish will face Valjas and Whitaker in the first round while the third and final Canadian team of Bansley-Maloney have a bye the first round.

Canadian Teams

Men's Main Draw

Canada Redmann-Saxton vs. USA Fuerbringer-Lucena

Women's Qualification Round

Canada Rodrigue-MacTavish vs. Canada Valjas-Whitaker
Canada Bansley-Maloney vs. BYE

Free live video streams after the jump.

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FIVB: Sanya Qualification Round (LIVE Video)

Geeske Banck of Germany digs a ball during country quota. Photo: fivb.org

There is a twelve hour time difference between Sanya, China and Kill on Two in Toronto.  This is great for doing the math on the time zone differences, but isn't that great when... actually wanting to watch a match.  With Marie and Annie dropping out of FIVB Sanya, Canadians are left with three teams still in the tournament.  In the first round, team Rodrigue-MacTavish will face off against the 38th seed from Austraila, Marie-Kelly.  Team Valjas-Whitaker are matched up against the 30th seeded French team of Longuet-Larche.  Liz Maloney and Heather Bansley got a bye in the first round and will play a team from the Netherlands in the second round later on in the day.

Live Streams

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FIVB: Sanya Preview

The next stop on the 2011 FIVB Beach Volleyball Swatch World Tour is in Sanya, China.The 2011 FIVB Beach Volleyball Swatch World Tour invades Sanya, China today for the second event of the 2011 FIVB season.  Country quota matches will take place on Tuesday, and Canada will be a part of them.  The Sanya Open is a female only FIVB event and four Canadian women's duos are registered.  This is the first FIVB event of the season for three of those pairings with the team of Julie Rodrigue and Kacie MacTavish being the only team that competed last week in Brazil.  Here are a list of the Canadian teams and their respective entry points.

Canadian Teams

860 CAN Marie-Andrée Lessard/Annie Martin
452 CAN Heather Bansley/Elizabeth Maloney
94 CAN Julie Rodrigue/Kacie MacTavish
42 CAN Kristina Valjas/Caleigh Whitaker
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Preview: FIVB Brazil

The Brazillian team of Larissa/Juliana will begin the 2011 FIVB beach volleyball season at home in Brazil. Photo: fivb.org

Women's Tournament April 17th - 22nd, 2011
Men's Tournament April 18th - 23rd, 2011

FIVB beach volleyball is back this week with the first tournament of the 2011 season.  Starting off the tour in Brazil, teams representing 36 countries will compete of the six days of competition.  With $190 000 up for grabs in the men's and women's tournaments each, professional beach volleyball teams worldwide are looking to start off their 2011 season strong.  Not only is money a factor, but with next year's Olympics in London on the horizon, teams are also looking to have the best results possible so they can represent their countries next year in London.

More after the jump.
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